Wednesday, 17 February 2010

My shops are on Folksy (
Misi (

My Misi shop is new and is just teddies!!!!
Therefore I shall send a tiny teddy free with all purchases from either shop until march 31st 2010!!!
So look on both sites now!!!


  1. good luck with your return to blogging!

  2. Just seen your post on Folksy - good luck from me too!

    Kate x

  3. I'm new to all this blogging lark, I hope to get mine looking nice soon, for now I'll just do some following! Clare x

  4. Well, I almost ddn't find my way back!!!! bThanks for your encouragement!!!!
    My mum has been to stay and just gone home, so missing her.
    She purchased lots of my stuff and asked for some commisions!!!!!
    My poor shops may get a bt neglected as I do these for her.